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Thursday, December 19, 2002


The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: Faramir Gets Screwed
I saw The Two Towers at midnight on Tuesday night and... I was honestly disappointed. Elmtree was right. Whereas the first movie, despite its multitude of changes and additions, left me with awe and a desire to see more, this one left me very annoyed that Faramir got screwed. He went from being a glimpse at a Gondor that was not power hungry, and a good half to Boromir's not so good half, to being a fool and a scoundrel worse than Boromir, adding in a completely superfluous scene that didn't seem to fit with anything. There were two other changes that made it less than awe inspiring as well--the Ents deciding not to attack Isengard, and the transformation of Rohan into a tiny group of doomed, untrained civilians who needed help from randomly appearing Lothlorien elves to fend off the orcs until Gandalf and Eomer arrived (though that scene, admittedly, was worth the price of admission alone).
I think I need to see it again on more sleep, and not having finished the book mere hours before. After that, maybe I'll post a more in depth review.

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