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Friday, December 13, 2002


More ironic than rain on your wedding day...
According to the BBC, the French could find themselves in a war sooner than the United States! If so, it would definitely rank as one of the top 10 most ironic events in recent history.
The main rebel group in Ivory Coast says it is ready to fight French troops deployed as peacekeepers in the country.
A spokesman for the Patriotic Movement of Ivory Coast (MPCI) Guillaume Soro said the fact that France had decided to send reinforcements to Ivory Coast showed it was deviating from its peacekeeping mission and becoming a force of occupation...
"The French force in Ivory Coast is deviating from its mission and becoming a true force of occupation. In light of this, the MPCI will fight and its forces are ready to take up the challenge of war," Mr Soro said.
"The troops of the MPCI are ready to fight with the soldiers and the mercenaries of [Ivory Coast President Laurent] Gbagbo and any other foreign army which is a player or an accomplice in the genocide."
Mr Soro said the rebels were demanding the "pure and simple departure of France from Ivory Coast".
But the French troops say they are there to stay.

I know essentially nothing about this conflict, and I don't think I have too much sympathy with the rebels, but it makes it really difficult to say that when they're threatening the French. There's a very, very evil side of me that is curious what France would actually do if their troops were attacked. Luckily, we can get an insight into real French foreign policy (as opposed to the stuff they foist on America) whatever their reaction is. It seems to me that they are in trouble either way. Do they fold under pressure, leading anyone with any weapon as dangerous as a pointed stick to threaten them to get what they want? Or do they stick up for themselves against the threat and look like hypocrites? Or do they take the matter to the UN? Only time will tell, but I'm suddenly very interested in this story.
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