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Friday, December 20, 2002


Patty Murray pulls "a Lott"
I am immensely embarassed to have Patty Murray as a Senator. Well, I suppose I'm technically registered in Minnesota right now, but I plan to move back to Washington in '04. Luckily, that will be just in time to put forth all the effort I can to help unseat her. And hopefully we'll be able to use this story to do it, in which she praises Osama Bin Laden's humanitarian efforts, and attacks the US government for not doing enough. Here's Instapundit's take on it, and here's Collin May's very good, very informed response, and here's Michele's at A Small Victory.
And here's mine: first, go read those three. Second, recognize that Patty Murray actually thinks these things. Last, pray for the state of Washington, because there are a lot of people here who actually think these things. Hopefully not enough that she won't get knocked out of office in a backlash (though that is, sadly, not very hopeful).
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