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Saturday, December 21, 2002


Reasons why I am a conservative
Orrin Judd quotes a remarkable bit from Edward Rothstein's NY Times article on the difficulty of being liberal after September 11, and then follows it up with a truly stirring explanation on the real differences between the modern versions of conservativism and liberalism.
Mr. McGovern gets at least one thing right and it is the thing that separates classic conservatism from modern liberalism: liberals believe in "the essential goodness of man". All else flows from this utopian idea. If Man is good then socialism and communism are workable, because we will all want to share what we have equally. If Man is good then we've no need of religion or morality or tradition, because each of us can create our own rules and they too will be good--each is sufficient unto himself...
However, Mr. McGovern and the Left are, of course, wrong. Evil exists and it is a central component of Man's makeup. Any political system which fails to account for this will ultimately unleash evil or at least destroy the community of Man. Man is, in fact, insufficient and it is only in his relationship to others, his community and God that he fulfills himself. The transcendent is more important than the material and the undeniable material progress we've made as a species does not mean that we've made any moral progress. Sadly, the opposite may well be true, and the Left's materialism and progressivism will lead directly to the death camps, the gulag and the Killing Fields.

It's beautiful stuff, and you ought to read all of it.

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