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Tuesday, December 10, 2002


Violence and hypocrisy in Venezuela
Chavez's supporters in Venezuela have decided that the nation's media is biased against him. Instead of doing the American thing when suspicious of media bias--either complain about it relentlessly (per Al Gore), or counter it with different media (Talk Radio, the Internet)--they decided to instead trash their headquarters. Naturally. I think you can often learn a fair amount about a leader by his followers, and this speaks volumes. The hypocrisy of it all is that the same time the private stations are being attacked for bias, the government station is calling for pro-Chavez protests in the streets.
One of the most worrying things about this situation is that Chavez looks to be setting up, in the 30 percent of the nation that supports him, a Stalin or Castro-like personality cult. This makes this whole situation very dangerous, even if there are new elections.
And this is the umpteenth story in a row I've seen that quotes the poll indicating that 30% number, but also (and they are all sure to make clear that this is a contrast) that "Chavez has the support of up to 45 percent of Venezuela's poor." I fail to see what the point is--the poor don't like him, but they like him more than everyone else? It seems a little absurd, to be honest. I assume they are trying to make the point that this is, in large part, class based, in the sense that most of Chavez's supporters are poor. But more important than that is that most of the poor are not Chavez's supporters, whatever he may want the world to believe. Class warfare is among the most dispicable and commonplace tactics of the left, American or Venezuelan, and it makes it difficult to respect other leftward ideas, people and policies.
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