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Friday, January 10, 2003


Corrie Ten Boom House a must see
If you happen to be in the Netherlands at some point, you must go to the Corrie Ten Boom house in Haarlem. It is, far and away, a better experience than the Anne Frank House (which, anti-free speech business notwithstanding, is marvelous). It's a guided tour (ours was by a funny, spunky old Dutch woman who was a child during the war), as opposed to the Anne Frank house, and is much less sterile and far more warm and enjoyable as well. If you don't know the Corrie Ten Boom story, go to the website above and read it. It is downright marvelous.
The most striking difference, though, was this: at the Anne Frank House, they had a letter from Otto Frank after the war, part of which complained about the way the American and British troops were not treating the Nazi troops 'as they deserved,' while the tour guide at the Corrie Ten Boom House proudly told of how Corrie not only forgave her tormentors and the man who betrayed her, but also gave refuge to the former Nazis in the Netherlands when they were being discriminated against. The attitude of Otto Frank is entirely natural--I'm sure I'd feel the same way. But the attitude of Corrie Ten Boom is entirely supernatural, and that is one of the reasons her house is so much more stirring than the Frank house.
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