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Tuesday, January 21, 2003


Final Amsterdam Update
Far too soon, I'm off on my Wacky Cross Europe Adventure (tm), so I don't have a lot of time to post tonight, which has sort of been a theme recently... considering that I really haven't posted at all in the past week. And I won't, probably, for the next week, as I'll be in England, then Italy, then France, then finally heading home. Oy. It'll be exciting. Suffice it to say that I've decided that I love Amsterdam and especially Bos en Lommer. Not so much that I'd want to live here, though I wouldn't mind it, but in that I care about what happens to it, and want the best for it. I want God to bless them both in amazing ways that no one expects.
Since I don't have much time, I'm just going to share this poem that I just wrote (and I mean just wrote, so no promises on its quality) to give you a little insight into my feelings for Amsterdam the city. At some point, I want to put online the work that came from my group's study of Bos en Lommer, which will show more of my feelings for that specific neighborhood, but until then, this poem will have to suffice.

Nightime Stroll in Amsterdam

One last nightime stroll in Amsterdam
The canal reflects the streetlights back to me
As I dart in front of a car, and bicycles' bells
Warn me to be aware

One last nightime stroll in Amsterdam
As the rubber soles of my shoes
Clumsily contort to fit the grooves of sidewalk bricks
And the night wind cools my face

One last nightime stroll in Amsterdam
And twin church towers come into view
They loom above the city streets
Lit softly, like ghostly sentinels

One last nightime stroll in Amsterdam
The people, clad in black, do not see the sentinels
They do not care, but do not mind
The sentinels are quiet now, these days

One last nightime stroll in Amsterdam
I cannot see the sentinels now either
For they are at my back, still watching
And I know they are still there

One last nightime stroll in Amsterdam
I cross a bridge past shadowy canal swans, to Rembrandt's Square
It's neon lights and signs are brighter than the sentinels
But they will not outlast them, I do not think

One last nightime stroll in Amsterdam
The city where you can't escape the sentinels
Look! Another one rises up just past the square
And like the others, it watches, ghostly and silent

One last nightime stroll in Amsterdam
Always beneath the sentinels' watchful eyes
And from those eyes, I know the teardrops fall
Though more enlightened people call it rain

(c) Timothy Goddard 2003
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