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Friday, January 31, 2003


I'm back!
Ahh, yes. Back in the good ole' USA. It really is good to be back in America. The Netherlands is a nice place to visit (or should that be "are a nice place to visit?"), but I wouldn't want to live there. But what has happened since I was gone? Not much, apparently, compared to what I thought might. I honestly expected us to be at war by now (after all, as so many have told us, Bush is an angry cowboy racing towards war), though I'm not terribly surprised that we're not (because, of course, Bush is hardly a cowboy, and he's obviously not racing anywhere, though he may well be angry, which I'll get to.) But there have been a few developments in that arena that I was barely able to keep tabs on whilst away. While I was gone, someone coined the term Axis of Weasels to refer to Germany and France, regarding the shenanigans I first read about in this William Safire column while still in Amsterdam.
But the most telling change that has happened since I left is the beginnings of a solidification of multilateral support for military action. First, this letter , in which the leaders of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Britain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Denmark all threw their support firmly behind the United States and President Bush, and called on other nations to do so. And they've begun to--Slovakia and Albania are on board as well. And Belgium's prime minister has said that "the Belgian government does not need joint letters to express its solidarity with the international community and the United States." It sounds like multilateralism to me.
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