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Friday, January 31, 2003


Iranian students give State of the Union a thumbs up
James Lileks said, in his marvelous review of the State of the Union Address (which, I missed, like the Super Bowl, for the first time in many years--on an unrelated note, I'm determined never to miss either one of them again, as an act of patriotism, if nothing else) that
Imagine you're a young man in Iran, squirreled away in a basement, listening to the speech with your friends - I think I’d be thunderstruck. The Americans are coming - granted, they’ll be moving in next door, but that’s going to change everything. There’s a chance that five years from now they can all watch the Matrix trilogy without drawing the drapes and stationing one guy outside to watch for the cops.

Well, here is evidence, I think, that he was right. These Iranian students know what's up, and, in another striking example of the world crying "down with France, up with America!" similar to that pictured below (in the Ivory Coast, if you were unsure) they said this: "Keeping up with [Bush's] words, the US policy has been... a constant pressure on the Clerical administration despite the hostility of US's European Union's allies which are backing the Islamic regime by fear of loosing [sic] their economic advantages in Iran." Of course, it would be good to realize that those who are not allying themselves with the people of Iran are not doing a very good job of being the US's allies either--or, for that matter, the people of Iraq's.
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