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Friday, January 31, 2003


Rich getting richer and the poor... also getting richer
I realize that this is something of a conservative cliche, but bear with me for a moment. While in Europe, I saw three different things that made me realize just how insidious of a lie the idea that "the rich are gettting richer and the poor are getting poorer" really is. First off was all the museums and whatnot--history shows us pretty specifically that the poor today are much better off than the poor of yesterday--as are we all. And I really noticed that, except terms of in actual money (which, once you have enough to have everything you want, is not as important as some people seem to think), the rich are hardly richer today than they were many years ago. The rich then were treated with a reverence beyond anything the rich are today. It was seen as the God-given right of some groups of to be wealthy and honored, and some not to be. Today, it is not the case. The wealthy simply have more money than the rest of us, not necessarily more prestige. Second was the immigration--seeing an area like Bos en Lommer, where thousands of Morrocans live comfortable, middle-class lives, made me realize that their grandparents, in Morocco, could hardly have dreamed of the luxury that even the unemployed live in in the Netherlands. And lastly, the show My Fair Lady does a fairly good job of showing just how abject abject poverty was in Britain in the the 19th century--and today, while poverty has hardly disappeared (and according to Jesus, it never will), it is distinctly less impoverished than it was then.
Why do I bring this up now? This post at Brother's Judd made me think of it, backing up my own barely cognent observations with facts. It's nice to be validated once in a while.

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