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Thursday, January 23, 2003


So much for one last nighttime stroll in Amsterdam
Well... I was apparently wrong about a good amount of things the other night, because here I am again in Amsterdam. Why? Well, it's a long story.
Picture this: It's early on Wednesday morning, and myself and two friends are at Amsterdam Centraal Station, preparing to board the train to Schipol airport, to catch a flight to London.We have been told that the train will be at platform 13A, which is where we are, and a train pulls up to that platform, with a sign on it that says Schipol on it. It's white, not yellow, and a little early, but its at the right platform, with a sign on it saying where we want to go. Unfortunately, as we discover 5 minutes into our train ride, that sign said other things too. Like, "Berlin," for example. We got off at the next stop, Amstelfoort, which was about 40 minutes in the wrong direction. We took another train back to Schipol, and got there in plenty of time to miss our flight entirely.
So, we bought new tickets--only 60 Euros, which wasn't too bad, though it still hurts a good deal. We got to London's Luton airport, actually a good deal north of the city and took a bus to Victoria station through some absolutely gorgeous countryside. We were supposed to meet someone at Victoria station, but we couldn't find them at all, so eventually gave up and went on with our day. We took a very fun bus tour of the city, and then saw a show--My Fair Lady, which is a great show to see in London.
So, from about 4 pm to 4 am, everything went very well. At 4 am, we got up.
We walked from our hostel to the station, and caught the Gatwick express to Gatwick airport, in plenty of time to catch our plane to Pisa. Or, it would have been, if our flight hadn't been leaving from Stanstead airport.
So, there we are, having missed two flights in less than 24 hours, running out of money, having had far too little sleep, and stressed to a point beyond comprehension. We ended up deciding to cut our losses and fly back to Amsterdam. We had a place we could stay and eat for very cheap, we knew people, we knew our way around the city, and we could just sleep. So, we did, and that's where I am now.
The nice thing about all this is that I'll be able to sleep, and not move, and not have to worry about missing any more plane flights--until the 30th, which I'd rather not think about.
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