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Thursday, February 27, 2003


Absurdity in the media: Bringing back the draft
The fact that MSNBC is running an article entitled "Will new missions require a draft?" is proof enough that someone involved has an agenda. The fact that the heading is "Rumsfeld says recruiting provides enough soldiers, but his critics push for conscription" is proof that they are wiling to exaggerate immensely to see that agenda through. Actually, most of Rumsfield's critics aren't saying anything of the kind. Rumsfield's critics are saying things like "stop insulting France!" "war is evil!" and/or "I've seen pictures of you shaking hands with Saddam Hussein!" Perhaps the term "some critics" would be more appropriate?
But how many? I counted 14 total mentioned in the article, though 12 of them were pushing for it as a way to turn public opinion against the war. That'd be the Rangel Twelve, the Democrats in the House who Sgt. Stryker has already responded to beautifully.
They then count a grand total of two ivory tower types who seem to think that it would be a good idea. The most extensively quoted person in the article thinks that a draft is a stupid idea, but does think that recruitment needs to be upped. So, that leaves two random college professors who support a draft. That's it. And MSNBC thinks that's worth a whole article. I would guess that this article was written for the same reason that Rangel and Co. pulled their little stunt--to make the draft seem like a real possibility (which it is not), and scare people into opposing the war. I do declare this shameful.
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