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Tuesday, February 04, 2003


Anti-Chavez referendum garners astronomical number of signatures
Via InstaPundit, here's the story from the Caracas Chronicles (which I wish I had discovered earlier, honestly, as it's chock-full of Anti-Chavez goodness--this post lays out the case against him quite nicely, but be warned that it is quite long) of the 4.4 million signatures in an Anti-Chavez referendum--that the Supreme Tribunal had supposedly killed!
...that's about 700,000 more than voted for Chávez at his high-water mark. No Venezuelan politician has ever gotten this many votes in an election, even Carlos Andrés Pérez old record of 3.9 million votes in '88 was dwarfed by today's drive.
What's clear, is that the government's claim to represent the will of the downtrodden majority of Venezuelans has been dealt a fatal blow today. It's no longer a matter of polls or conjectures, it's now a mathematical certainty: most people in this country are willing to do whatever it takes, within the bounds of what's peaceful, to rid themselves of this crazed government. No regime can hold out against that kind of pressure for long.

It's been the lack of that sort of mathmatical certainty that has prevented me from outright endorsing the Anti-Chavez movement. But now, consider it endorsed! And on hearing this, I'm sure Chavez will give up all hope and resign.
Along those lines, major, major kudos to the movement for not resorting to violence--for using pens instead of guns, and smashing records instead of windows. Though the Chronicles calls itself "the inside scoop on a society that's coming apart at the seams," the fact that most of the country has operated in such a civilized manner gives great hope for the country in the future.
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