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Monday, February 10, 2003


Bush's domestic policy--friend or foe?
Sometimes, I read Andrew Sullivan, and he says things like this:
His budget contained the following piece of illiterate flimflam: "The budget would be in double digit deficit if had there never been a tax cut in 2001. The budget returned to deficit because of war, recession and emergencies associated with the terrorist attacks of September 11th." Up to a point. But as the tables in the budget also showed, the tax cuts have also contributed significantly to the deficit - and they've barely taken effect yet. I'm also staggered that the budget does not contain any mention of the looming war. I guess you could make a semantic point about its not being inevitable - but not even as a possible contingency? Is that how an ordinary citizen plans his own budget?
But then, I go to Brothers Judd, and they quote articles that say this:
The $2.23 trillion budget that Bush proposed to Congress last week would loosen federal standards and hand states vast new authority, if they want it, over housing subsidies, unemployment benefits, health insurance and a preschool program for children from disadvantaged families, which is known as Head Start. It would also make outright cuts in some poverty programs, such as a reduction by a fourth in the amount the government devoted last year to "community services" grants for dispossessed neighborhoods. [...]
Affecting many federal agencies, the changes Bush wants to make in anti-poverty efforts reveal a bold aspect of his vision of government that he seldom discusses publicly. The proposals were not among the positions he staked out during the 2000 presidential campaign.
And they say things like this:
While Libertarians, Harvard men, and various others have convinced themselves that George W. Bush is a closet Rockefeller, he continues to use his executive powers to effect a quiet conservative revolution.
And then I feel better.
But should I? That's a question I can't answer.
Agree, disagree, have more information on the topic? Please, feel free to leave a comment. No profanity!

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