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Wednesday, February 26, 2003


"But Iraqi lives and freedom matter greatly to us"

I think Bush's speech tonight should have answered a lot of questions for the nervous liberal hawks out there. It was bold, it was clear, and was very promising. Some liberals, apparently, thought it was too promising, apparently not believing that Iraq, or the Middle East in general, is capable of democracy, peace or stability--other than that which comes from a dictator. Random liberal actor #317, on Crossfire just after the speech, said he belives that inspections will "humiliate" Hussein and force him out of power, so that Iraqi democracy will come about peacefully. Riiight. Someone is apparently unaware of the nature of totalitarian governments--if Hussein was ever going to be "humiliated" out of power, it would have been in 1991. And yet Begala had the nerve to accuse Bush of too much optimism?
I am relieved, hearted, and downright joyful that our president has the courage and moral fortitude to embark on so bold a venture. If there is cooperation, this could be a turning point for the Middle East, and quite possibly, the world.
Rebuilding Iraq will require a sustained commitment from many nations, including our own: We will remain in Iraq as long as necessary, and not a day more. America has made and kept this kind of commitment before -- in the peace that followed a world war. After defeating enemies, we did not leave behind occupying armies, we left constitutions and parliaments. We established an atmosphere of safety, in which responsible, reform-minded local leaders could build lasting institutions of freedom. In societies that once bred fascism and militarism, liberty found a permanent home.

UPDATE: Donald Sensing has a transcript. Aother excerpt:
The first to benefit from a free iraq would be the Iraqi people themselves. Today they live in scarcity and fear, under a dictator who has brought them nothing but war and misery and torture. Their lives and their freedom matter little to Saddam Hussein. But Iraqi lives and freedom matter greatly to us.
Bringing stability and unity to a free iraq will not be easy. Yet that is no excuse to leave the iraqi regime's torture chambers and poison labs in operation. Any future the iraqi people choose for themselves will be better than the nightmare world that saddam hussein has chosen for them.

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