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Friday, February 14, 2003


Farewell to a hero

Admittedly, calling Dolly the Cloned Sheep a hero might seem a tad absurd. But she's arguably the most important sheep in history, so I think that counts for something.
And she was especially important to me, personally. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be where--or even who--I am today. (It's a little strange, but somehow appropriate, that I owe so much of my life to a sheep.)
When Dolly was cloned, I was a freshman in high school, taking biology. Growing up, my heart had always blazed with desire to be a scientist--I couldn't stand to narrow my field, and so I determined to be an "everything scientist." (Silly, I know--the correct term is omnologist.) But that fervor had faded during the harsh interaction with the cruel reality of Darwinian theory known as middle school. The limitless possibilities I had seen in science had become "realistic," and thereby small.
But then came Dolly, and like the arrival of an alien in one of those science fiction novels she seemed like she stepped from, she changed everything. Suddenly, science was what it should have been all along--both real and unreal, pushing the boundary of the impossible a little further every day. My imagination was seized yet again, and so this morning I sat in Molecular Biology, listening to a lecture on genetic mapping, and considering the fact that if it weren't for that wacky sheep, I wouldn't be there. And then this afternoon I sat down at the computer and learned that cruel reality has stepped in again, and she's gone. But the mark she left upon the world, and upon me, will remain.
Farewell, Dolly. I hope they set you up with a quality lion to lay down with.
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