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Wednesday, February 12, 2003


From the students of Iran, on the anniversary of the Revolution
It's long, but, as usual, it's worth reading. Excerpt:
Without doubt, the result of the unripe action of the previous generation in Iran who had placed their hopes and fate in the story of a man and a belief from Saudi Arabia of 1400 years ago, could not have a conclusion other than the black and red report of the past 24 years in our country. Black to the extent of the calamity that befell the nation like a heavenly catastrophe, and red from the beflowered corpses of thousands of freedom-loving nationalists that for more than two decades have been sacrificing their lives to Iran for humane values and to make up for the mistakes of their predecessors.

Like their generally less noble counterparts in the West, the Iranian students also need to beware of alienating the religious parts of their society who also want liberty. But in this case, they're right. Let's hope they are also right about this:
Now, at the beginning of the anniversary of the establishment of the religious government in Iran, it is not hidden to anyone that its end is near, and that Iran and its new generation wisened by the bitter experience of nearly a quarter century and devoid of ideologic and dogmatic beliefs, are moving forward to establish a civilized, modern, and intellectual government upon the ruins of the first theocracy in today's world, based upon national goals, so that they will be joined to other progressive countries in the world and regain their rightful place among the international society.

Long Live Freedom!
Established be Secularism!

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