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Tuesday, February 04, 2003


Letters from Iranian student movement
At the Iranian Student movement webpage, they've put up two new pieces. Neither of them are remarkably revolutionary, but each--one an open letter to Tony Blair urging him to take a strong stand against the Iranian government and a public statement decrying what it called the duplicity of the EU--is worth reading. Hopefully, Blair will listen. I'm not very optimistic about the EU.
An interesting thing to note, though, is that while the EU piece specifically attacks the usual suspects of "Old Europe:" France and Germany, plus Greece, which has been acting much the same, and Austria, which I've really heard nothing about (though it seems like it would under the category of "Old" as well), it also goes after Spain and Italy, the first signatories of the "Gang of Eight" letter. This tells me that the New-Old Europe split is not as definite as some have seen it. Some nations, such as Spain and Italy, hover right in the middle, being nations that weren't oppressed by Communism, but didn't do terribly well despite that. If I were a citizen of an Eastern European country, I would be a little more concerned about animosity from countries such as those, who the East will catch up to first, no doubt.
Where was I? Oh, yes. Iran. Meanwhile, the courts there are throwing people in jail for taking polls.
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