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Monday, February 17, 2003


A minor clarification
Josh Claybourn at The Hoosier Review has apparently gleaned from my post on The Simpsons (two posts down) that I think it should end. I don't so much. Seth Stevenson at Slate, however, does, and that's who I quoted. I myself said lots of incoherent things, bouncing between the fact that I enjoy the new episodes and the fact that the old ones are better, and came to the conclusion that I don't know what I'm saying.
But, after watching the 300th and 301st episodes last night (which I generally enjoyed, though they were definitely more indicative of the later variety than the earlier), decided that I don't mind one way or the other whether The Simpsons ends. As long as they keep it going in syndication, that is--that's generally when I get to watch it, anyway. I like a good balance between what I call the early "anti-Cosby" Simpsons and the later "American Monty Python" Simpsons, and if they ended now, it would be about half and half, so I could live with that, though it's ending would make me sad on principle. It is after all, the Candide of our time. (And, interestingly enough, that means that it is much less cynical.)
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