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Thursday, February 27, 2003


A misunderstanding
Al Sharpton is, as we all know, is running for president. This seems to please Andrew Sullivan, who considers it Bush's insurance policy, no matter what happens. The Brothers Judd seem to respect his "fight for the soul" of the Democratic party, though they suggest it will fail. They link to the Village Voice article on Sharpton, in which he says something very important--and yet completely misunderstands his own words.
I am asking these questions now because so often all the candidates looking for black votes show up at the last minute at our churches. One of the offensive things is what you just said, and I've been saying this to ministers all over the country. As you know, I've run for office here. I have to go in the white community and explain my positions, from the beginning. Whites run, they come by our church in the middle of the choir singing "Amazing Grace," wave at us, photo op, gone. Nobody challenges them on their positions. I don't blame the candidates; I blame that on us. We need to stop allowing our communities to be photo ops for Democrats who won't address our issues. For a party that gets 92 percent of our vote, I mean, this is ridiculous. They should be dealing with these issues across the board.

"These issues" of course, are liberal issues, which Sharpton assumes all African Americans naturally support--which, of course, makes him just as hypocritical as the Democrats he attacks. Within the next 50 or 60 years--surely by the 100th anniversary of the civil cights movement, I optimistically predict that there will be no more racial voting blocs, and I think we will see the first few cracks in that system in the next election.
I think that moderate, pro-war African Americans will react sharply against Sharpton, leading to Bush getting far better than 8 percent of their vote. That's a good hope, anyway.
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