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Sunday, February 23, 2003


The necessity of God for morality
I first read about the disabled athiest lawyer Harriet McBride Johnson's interaction with Princeton professor Peter Singer in the Christianity Today Weblog. Singer advocates killing of disabled infants at birth, and replacing them with healthy ones--Johnson was such an infant.
Now, the Brothers Judd have posted a lengthy piece of the New York Times Magazine piece by Johnson, as well as downright sparkling commentary on it. An excerpt from the latter:
As an atheist she has no belief in the intrinsic value of life and no conception of good and evil, she's forced to fall back on ad hoc definitions. The definition of human that she has chosen, so far as one can tell, is anyone who has been born. So she talks about her fear that disabled infants could come to be treated like fetuses, which is to say not human and therefore disposable. But she assures herself: "He won't succeed in reinventing morality." This ignores the fact that the wholesale killing of fetuses required just such a reinvention of morality, a new definition of who is not human and who is disposable.
I am often uneasy making the point that morality does not make any sense without a God who looks distinctly like the Christian one, because I worry that those who disbelieve Him are more tightly bound to their disbelief than to their morality. And that could cause problems.
But when faced with people like Singer, contrasted (rather unconvincingly, as pointed out above) with people like Johnson, it's impossible to escape it.
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