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Saturday, February 22, 2003


Opening yet another front
After preparing to send a small force to the Philippines to bolster fighting terror there, the US may now face another front in the war on... well, anyone who tries to jerk us around.
FARC rebels in Columbia have kidnapped three American government agents, killing some others, some in a gun battle, and at least one other execution-style. Apparently the rebels didn't get the memo that Bush, not Clinton or Gore, is in office, and pulling stunts like this makes it more likely that they're going to end up with bullets in their heads.
The Pentagon said today that President Bush had ordered an additional 150 soldiers to help in the search, bringing the number involved to more than 400.

The search includes the use of Black Hawk helicopters provided by the United States for antidrug operations, antinarcotics troops and Colombian special forces, General Jorge Mora, commander of the armed forces, said late Friday.
He warned the rebels that they would, one day, pay for the kidnappings and the killings, the first of American government employees in Colombia's drug war. "They should know that sooner or later, international justice or Colombian justice will be served," he said.
The Bush administration has demanded that the rebels immediately release the Americans. Mr. Bush first publicly spoke about the kidnappings and killings in an interview broadcast on Thursday on Spanish-language Telemundo.
He called the death of the American "clearly an execution" and said, "We are dealing with cold-blooded killers that need to be treated as cold-blooded killers."
American congressmen who visited Colombia last week said that the rebels could expect a swift response from the United States.
"I don't think there's any question that this precipitous action by the FARC is going to meet with very strong retaliation," Representative Thomas M. Davis III, a Virginia Republican, said on Thursday. "Precisely what happens is being discussed as we speak, but they've made a very grave error."

I hope we don't end up diverting large amounts of troops to this... but I wouldn't mind a few hundred more troops or so to get the SOB's and bring our men home. I doubt it would take all that many, but I won't quibble if it does.
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