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Thursday, February 06, 2003


Plagiarism? Big whoop.
I have a feeling that lefty-blogger-types, and other groups with a vested interest in Saddam's regime continuing (read: Axis of Weasles), will devour this like it was tofu (I am operating under the remarkably stereotypical assumption that these sorts of people enjoy tofu, though the French, I hear prefer cheese--as do I. But that's not the point.) Neither, of course is the point that large pieces of the dossier were plagiarized. Now, the plagiarism was stupid, yes. Remarkably so. I hope whoever was responsible for it gets a thorough caning, and possibly a canning. But these people need to realize something--academia is not the real world. As sad as that may sound to many academics (and I consider myself as a nascent one), it is true. Also true is the information in the dossier, which is, of course, the point. This doesn't discredit anything contained within one iota, and Colin Powell cited it with good reason.
Were this the classroom, this would be a big deal. But this is real life, and therefore it is not remarkably important.
UPDATE: I was right.
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