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Thursday, February 13, 2003


SUVs are A-OK
I don't know that I'd ever purchase an SUV (I have a feeling I'd look absurd driving one, and I hate paying for gas), but I have no problem with anyone else doing so. It's certainly not a sin, as some would like to complain, and sometimes they are downright helpful. Juan Non-Volokh explains why. Excerpt:
If owning an SUV is "environmentally selfish," then so must be any decision that results in an "unnecessary" increase in resource use. By this standard, "environmentally selfish" behavior would include owning a large house (better not have a separate home office!), traveling long distances for vacations (no flights to warmer climes!), or even having several children (each kid is an additional consumer!). I reject this analysis wholeheartedly. In my view, so long as people pay for the resources that they consume, there is nothing inherently "selfish" about an individual's choice of vehicle, home, or whatever. Until it directly impacts me, it's simply none of my business.

There are plenty of good quality facts in there also, if you're interested.
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