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Saturday, February 01, 2003


T-minus four days...
In four days, Colin Powell makes his speech to the the UN, detailing the US intelligence on Iraq's weapons. There has been talk of this mysterious information for a long time, but I've never really taken it that seriously. I assumed that they really didn't have much, but needed to talk big in order to keep things going. I also think that, even without any additional intelligence, the case for war is already solid, because Iraq is not cooperating, therefore breaking all sorts of treaties and defying all sorts of UN demands. But, now comes this (via Instapundit):
The decision to allow Secretary of State Colin Powell to use the electronic intercepts in his speech next Wednesday to the U.N. was described by U.S. intelligence officials as extraordinary. Electronic intercepts by the NSA are considered the most jealously guarded of all U.S. intelligence secrets and government officials are normally loath to even refer to their existence for fear of tipping off targets and drying up invaluable sources of information.
But in this case, officials said, the intercepts are so damning and dramatic that officials say their release outweighs the potential harm

And this...
The NSA intercepts establish conclusively that the Iraqis have been “hiding stuff” from the inspectors, the U.S. intelligence official said.
“They’re saying things like, ‘Move that,’ ‘Don’t be reporting that’ and ‘Ha! Can you believe they missed that’,” the official said.

And this...
“I’m all for it,” said Rep. Jane Harman of California, ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. “It’s very important to have popular and multinational support for this effort.” Harmon said the administration’s body of evidence, which has been shared with the intelligence committees, is strong enough that it will accomplish that purpose.

And, lastly, this...
The damning nature of some of the transcripts, officials said, explain President Bush’s occasional outbursts of anger at the Iraqis, as well as the willingness by Powell—who had previously cautioned against war—to lay out a damning picture of Iraqi noncompliance in next week’s speech. One official who had dinner with Powell recently said the secretary remarked how “we have a stronger case than many people realize.”

Go read the whole thing.
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