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Friday, February 07, 2003


Things like this make me wonder
Via the Christianity Today Weblog, comes this story from the Washington post. Excerpts:
The Rev. Richard "Rich" Weaver, nicknamed "Handshake Man" because of his knack for getting up close and personal with the high and mighty, struck again yesterday morning.
The Post's David Montgomery reports that the 57-year-old Weaver, a nondenominational Christian minister from Sacramento, crashed the National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton, breezing through the ballroom entrance without a ticket and handed President Bush what he later described as an eight-page typed "message from God" about Iraq.
"It's just God, buddy," Weaver told Montgomery. "They asked everyone else for a ticket. They didn't ask me." With his conservative blue suit, neat haircut and hearty, gregarious manner, Weaver easily passed through the metal detector. "I don't try to sneak in," Weaver explained. "I just go where I feel like God wants me to go."
Weaver told Montgomery that at one point he unhooked a rope in front of the head table, approached the president and handed him the letter, which warned: "If America does not repent, there will be 50,000 casualties and a six-month war" with Iraq. Bush had a look of attentiveness and "peace," Weaver added.

As a Christian, "knacks" like this make me wonder. On one hand, wonder why God doesn't just tell Bush this sort of thing directly. It seems like it might save time. On the other hand, He's used people similar to this Weaver fellow in the past (see: Prophets, Old Testament), and the whole "just sneaking right in and getting a seat at Bill Frist's table" thing is something of a coincidence, don't you think? It's hard for me to ignore. And the man certainly doesn't look like your typical nutcase. Maybe not your typical prophet either, but what does that look like anymore?
I am curious as to what was in that message, aside from the bit about repentance. But repentance is probably not a bad idea, always--but especially on the brink of war. I think I'm going to repent for my own part in America's sins--and it couldn't hurt you to do the same, you know. If you don't, will it mean 50,000 casualties and a six-month war? I have no idea. But like I said--it certainly can't hurt anything.
UPDATE: Here's an account of his last meeting with Bush.
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