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Tuesday, February 25, 2003


A victory for those of us who eat
Which is similar to "customers who wear clothes," I suppose. But, nonetheless, biotech company Monsanto has been allowed to sell its latest genetically modified corn, which is resistant to corn rootwom, which causes $1 billion dollars in damage to corn crops every year. Why is this good news for those of us who eat? This will lower the amount of corn killed by rootworm, lower the price on feed for animals (that's what most US corn goes to), and, hopefully, lower the price on meat.
There are those who think Monsanto is evil, but I think they are generally silly and paranoid. I question some of the practices of Monsanto, especially in regards to patenting genetic sequences, and then litigating against farmers whose plants pick up the sequence via pollen. But that has less to do with Monsanto, and more to do with the way patent laws are applied to genetically modified crops. On the other hand, however, if genetically modified crops are ever to do widespread good for the world, they will need to be profitable, and that profitability needs to be maintained if biotech companies are ever going to develop crops that can grow in the dry climates that need them.
If, however, you are convinced that genetically modified food is ipso facto wrong, then no amount of benefits are going to convince you otherwise. But you'll forgive me if I consider that shortsighted and lacking in insight.
UPDATE: As I've looked at a few of these anti-GM sites, it's made my brain hurt. Please, make it stop.
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