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Monday, February 03, 2003


We're going
I neglected saying too much about what the space program needs to do now (though I may get to my specific thoughts in the future) for a very good reason. I knew James Lileks would say exactly what I was thinking. Though, perhaps without the swearing. Perhaps. A non-swearing excerpt:
Are we less than the men who left safe harbors and shouldered through cold oceans? After all, they sailed into the void; we can look up at the night sky and point at where we want to go. There: that bright white orb. We’re going. There: that red coal burning on the horizon. We’re going. And we’re not sending smart toys on our behalf - we’re sending human beings, and one of them will put his boot on the sand and bring the number of worlds we’ve visited to three.

Various people have said that they wish that Bush had, in his speech Saturday, pledged to go to Mars. I don't know if that was the time. But the memorial service is coming up--I hope that's the time.
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