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Saturday, February 01, 2003


What do Hans Blix and Sheryl Crow have in common?
They both apparently enjoy speaking as experts on subjects that they are far from experts on. As heralded by such headlines as "Blix refutes Bush claims," Chief UN Arms Inspector Hans Blix has decided that, not only is he is the moral arbiter of when it is right to go to war, but that he is a well informed member of US Intelligence, apparently.
Blix told The New York Times that the progress report he delivered to the UN Security Council on Monday - in which he determined that Iraq was defying international demands to disarm - did not justify going to war.

So, defying demands to disarm doesn't justify going to war? Sez you. Why don't we let the people who are in charge of those sorts of things make those decisions, Mr. Blix? Your job is to look for weapons (actually, your job is to look at the weapons Saddam is supposed to be showing you, not hunting around all over Iraq for them--go immediately and read Condi Rice's explanation of what should be happening in Iraq, were Saddam not, you know, evil). Your job is not to make moral judgements on what your findings (or lack thereof) should mean to the world.
But he doesn't stop there--oh, no.
The chief UN chemical and biological weapons inspector also told the Times he had not seen any hard evidence to suggest that the Iraqi regime was linked to the al-Qaeda terrorist network, as President George W. Bush charged in his State of the Union address Tuesday.
"There are other states where there appear to be stronger links" to al-Qaeda than in Iraq, Blix said, citing Afghanistan as an example.
"It's bad enough that Iraq may have weapons of mass destruction," he added.

That's right, the chief weapons inspector claims to know more than the President of the United States about Iraq's ties to Al Qaeda. How, exactly, does Blix know any more about any of this than, say, you or me? Again, his job is to look for weapons, not to look for ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda.
But his last statement is telling--"it's bad enough." You're darn right it's bad enough. It's bad enough to go to war over, even.

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