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Friday, February 21, 2003


Wheaton copies Bethel
Wheaton College has taken "dancing" out of their code of conduct. My own school, Bethel College (a school of the same caliber as Wheaton in most respects, but without the name recognition) did this last semester. And in a striking case of one-upsmanship, they've also allowed faculty to drink and smoke, ostensibly to make sure they are in line with Illinois state regulations.
The Sun-Times article does have one glaring inaccuracy: it claims that Wheaton students are not allowed to have sex. I'm fairly certain that's not true, as Wheaton n doubt has many married students that attend it, who presumably have sex regularly, with the college's blessing. But, of course, a paper like the Sun-Times can't really be expected to fully understand that.
The article also doesn't explain whether or not this was a change requested by the students, as it was here at Bethel, but makes it sound as if the board of trustees simply woke up one morning and decided to ease restrictions, which I find a little unlikely.
Hmm... I wonder if Wheaton will also begin a move towards becoming a university in the coming months?
UPDATE: According to Wheaton's president's explanation, it really does sound like the board just came up with it on their own. Which, I suppose, is more fodder for my "copycat" theory.
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