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Wednesday, February 26, 2003


When will people learn? Protesting doesn't work!
The anti-war group here at Bethel staged a protest outside of chapel today. It disgusted me, so I avoided going near them by not going to chapel. Liberals tend to feel persecuted here at this generally conservative school (well, as far as students are concerned, anyway--faculty are a different matter entirely), and I think it made them feel good to do some overtly liberal things (like fruitlessly wave signs and chant), just to stir the pot. Well, bully for them, but I was still disgusted. The slogans were, of course, simplistic (as all slogans are), and it won't, of course, change anything. Or will it? This article, via Instapundit, seems to indicate that it will...
...according to a study by political science graduate student Phil Gussin, the opinions of people who conditionally supported war changed toward favoring war when shown photographs of Bush and then of anti-war demonstrators.
"If anti-war demonstrators are trying to gather support by having their pictures shown, they are having the opposite effect," Gussin said.
Subjects who were shown pictures of the president had a seven percent higher approval rating for Bush compared to those who were shown other, non-political pictures, Gussin said. Subjects shown pictures of Bush and anti-war photographs had a 15 percent higher approval rating than the control group, Gussin said.

I have a feeling that's doubly true here at Bethel, where the protestors were obviously setting themselves up as enemies of anyone and everyone who supports the status quo (except, of course, for the status quo in Iraq), and doing so even more blatantly than regular protestors, because of the nature of their pre-chapel, inside-the-lobby protest. Unfortunately for them, people are naturally drawn to the status quo when the status quo involves them not getting blown to bits (see also Democracy, American)--and opposed to it when it involves the opposite (see also status quo, Iraq and terrorism, Islamic). So, protests only serve to drive a wedge between the fringe (however large that fringe may be), and the rest of the population.
Speaking of efforts doomed to fail, the "Win Without War" telephone campaign was today. I left my phone card at home, and so was unable to call at my selected time to suggest that it would be a good deal easier, safer, and moral, to actually win with war. I'll call tommorow.
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