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Tuesday, February 04, 2003


World Trade Center finalists named
Well, the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation has named its two finalists for the new World Trade Center. The standard press soundbite on the finalists is that they would both be the tallest buildings in the world. I like aspects of both of them, but I'd like the top one pictured here, if it weren't for those incredibly ugly frame-towers, and if you dig a little deeper, the remarkably shady aspects of it that try a little too hard to be environmentally friendly. I like the skyline view of the second one better, as well as the idea of having it reflect sunlight directly to the spots where the towers were every September 11, but the rest of it seems... well, too angle-y. Orrin Judd doesn't like the idea of a massive tower, but I don't really mind it at all. The skyline is New York's thing, and I think it needs something added too it. He and his brother prefer this design, the Thompson plan, without the tower, but I think it's perhaps a little two simplistic to meet the needs of Manhattan. On the other hand, the finalists are not nearly simplistic enough. The one thing I think is absolutely essential to the memorial, which the the Thompson plan includes but the finalists apparently do not, is a religious building. September 11 reminded us that America still needs God, and there needs to be some place that acknowledges that. The first of the finalists makes a show of replacing the World Trade Center with the World Cultural center, but that's the sort of feel-good humanistic pap that was discredited that September morning. It also happens to be the ugly frame-towers I don't like from that design. So, my verdict (and I'm sure this will have so much of an influence on the decision making process): is this--the bottom from #1, the top from #2 (both arbitrarily numbered by me), with the cathedral from the Thompson plan. All in favor?
On the other hand, we could have been treated to the Giant Tic Tac Toe Game Memorial. I shudder to think about it.
EDIT: If the pictures are refusing to show, try reloading them--the LMDC website is having some problems.
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