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Wednesday, February 05, 2003


Goodness gracious. The New York Times, of all papers, has an article by Barham A. Salih, the co-prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq--the part we've already liberated (found via Brother's Judd). It is downright remarkable. Go, go read it immediately. An excerpt:
Those who doubt the prospects of a liberated Iraq should examine the record of Iraqi Kurdistan since 1991. Under our autonomous regional government, we have used our share of oil revenues to invest not in chemical and biological weapons, but in education and health. We have tripled both the number of schools and doctors since 1991, and we have reduced infant mortality to its lowest level ever in our region. We have a free and diverse news media, with hundreds of newspapers, magazines and television stations. We respect the rights of minorities.
We Iraqis hear much about the rage of the so-called Arab street. I know the streets of Baghdad, and I know they will be filled with jubilant Iraqis once the dictator is gone. Recall the joy of liberation in Rome and Paris in 1944, the cheering crowds in Kosovo in 1999, the Afghans who danced in the streets in 2001. Wars of liberation created hope and opportunity in these places.

Durn straight.
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