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Tuesday, March 04, 2003


The aroma of baseball
Well, Spring Training has snuck up on me quietly, like it does every year. I'd like to be the sort of baseball fan who's biological clock is attuned enough, and who pays enough steadfast attention to the game that they can hear the first pitch of pitchers-catchers spring training from thousands of miles away, but I'm not. I pay enough attention to know that my Mariners have said farewell to Lou Pinella, said hello to Bob Melvin, and lost the arbitration with Freddy Garcia, and so have to pay him more than they wanted. I knew that pitchers and catchers showed up a while ago, and I sort of figured that Spring Training games were being played. But baseball doesn't grab the totality of my attention all at once, but, like an aroma, gradually wafts over, intruding on my senses and dragging them over to see what's going on, so that by the time the season starts, it has my full attention.
Let the wafting begin. Go M's!
Meanwhile the Brothers Judd have a piece of the explanation for why I love baseball.
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