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Friday, March 21, 2003


Bad news
Ok, now it sounds like there really are Turkish troops heading into Northern Iraq. This is, I think, a bad thing, and here's why.
Barzani said that they were doing everything to meet Turkey~{!/~}s concerns, "But if the Turkish army crosses the border there will be much suffering." Barzani also added that they were expecting a "democratic and plural Iraqi federal state", after the war.

To the question, "What if the Turkish army enters Iraqi Kurdistan with the pretext of humanitarian aim?", Barzani responded, "We are doing everything to meet Ankara's worries. We are prepared to give guarantees. But if all these things are not enough and Turkey crosses the border, this will cause much suffering." Barzani also stated that they did not have any intention to attack the Iraqi regime and what they wanted was "not revenge but regime change."

The bit about a federal Iraqi state is a good thing, of course, but the but about "much suffering" is not. I think that's less of a threat and more of an explanation of fact. I really don't trust Turkey in all this, but we'll see how things go. There are apparently US troops there also, who will hopefully be able to keep things under control, but I am worried.
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