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Tuesday, March 18, 2003


Baseball a casualty of war
I'll admit, I wasn't at all a fan of the bizarre plan for the Seattle-Oakland games in Japan. I'm all for playing a couple of games in Japan, even opening day--Seattle owes Japan big time for Kazu, Ichi and, of course, the continued existence of the Seattle Mariners. But to play two regular season games, then come back to the US and play two spring training games? Truly bizarre, and I don't think I liked it one bit. On the upside, it meant I was going to get to watch opening day with my lady-love during spring break.
But now, Bud Selig has decided that that the wacky plan is no more, thanks to war fears.
"Given the uncertainty that now exists throughout the world, we believe the safest course of action for the players involved and the many staff personnel who must work the games is to reschedule the opening series," Selig said. "It would be unfair and terribly unsettling for them to be half a world away -- away from their families -- at this critical juncture.

"Baseball is a social institution with enormous social responsibilities, and it is with that in mind -- along with great regret -- that I take this action. I hope our fans and business partners in Japan understand that this difficult decision is only made in response to the most serious of circumstances. While I don't doubt the exemplary security efforts that the city of Tokyo and the government of Japan were prepared to provide for our players and personnel, I had to weigh those security precautions against a very unpleasant and potentially dangerous set of variables that go along with a nation on the brink of war."

Yeah, the rescheduling thing was probably wise, all things considered. But, while we're considering all things, consider this: the new first game of the regular season will be between the Anaheim Angels and the... (cue dramatic music) Texas Rangers, who were very conveniently once owned by a certain US President.

Forget the oil--it's all about baaaaaasssebaaaaaaallllllll!
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