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Wednesday, March 05, 2003


Bush and Blair are great, but...
I think more attention should be given to Australian Prime Minister John Howard. Thanks to Tim Blair, the non-Aussies in the blogosphere have been able to hear things like this piece of a response to the plaintive cry of an Australian human shield:
I wonder if she's thought about the million and a half ordinary people who have been killed by this regime over probably a 20-year period. I wonder if she's thought about the ordinary children of Iraq whose parents only crime was to be political opponents of Saddam Hussein, and are now detained in the most appalling conditions in Iraqi gaols. I wonder if she's thought of the ordinary people of neighbouring Iran who died in the Iraq-Iranian war. I wonder if she's thought of the ordinary people of Kurdistan and of the Marshlands who are the victims of poison gas and the most appalling human rights abuses by the Iraqi regime. You see, when you put human suffering into the balance on this issue, quite apart from the challenge of disarming Iraq, there is a very powerful case that human suffering will be greater if Saddam Hussein is left in power.

However, most of the world is not privy to such on-the-spot, well reasoned arguments for war from anyone other than Bush and Blair. I think that Bush should give Howard more attention, getting his words more play so that the average American can hear them. I don't watch network news these days, and rarely watch cable news, but when I do, the impression I get from it--even from Fox News--is that it's all the US and Britain versus the world. Even our solid support from Eastern Europe is rarely mentioned.
Perhaps this is because all the focus is on the Security Council right now. This makes sense, I suppose, though not for the reasons most people think it does. The upcoming vote is a vote on whether or not the UN will matter as anything more than a humanitarian agency, not on whether Saddam gets disarmed. I'm pretty sure that's already been determined. I hope so, at least.
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