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Thursday, March 06, 2003


Bush's Utmost for His Highest
Another good quote from Bush's speech was this one, driving home the other thing that drives Bush's critics nuts--his relationship with God:
My faith sustains me because I pray daily. I pray for guidance. And wisdom and strength. If we were to commit our troops, if we were to commit our troops, I would pray for their safety. And I would pray for the safety of innocent Iraqi lives as well. One thing that's really great about our country is there are thousands of people who pray for me who I will never see and be able to thank. But it's a humbling experience to think that people I will never have met have lifted me and my family up in prayer. And for that I'm grateful. That's been -- it's been a comforting feeling to know that is true. I pray for peace, April. I pray for peace.
Via the Christianity Today Weblog comes another story in that story within a story within a story--Bush reads Oswald Chambers' My Utmost for His Highest. Catherine Bennett at the Guardian takes a very snooty view of this, while switching Chambers' name to "Chapman" halfway through the article. My respect for Bush went up a bit, my respet for Bennett went down.

My Utmost for His Highest is a marvelous devotional, that seriously impacted my walk with God. I think I should get back into it, to be honest. Hey, if it's good enough for Bush... Bennet describes it as "almost fatalistic," and she's right, of course. But, then again, so is the Bible, so I'm ok with it. The notion of dying to one's self is obviously going to be a stretch for most people, so it's a little hard to fault her for her inability to understand. The snootyness and "Chapman" bit, however...
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