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Tuesday, March 18, 2003


The Coalition of the Willing
The CTW is steadily increasing in number and forces for the War to Liberate Iraq. The more we have, the more likely it is to be a swift war, which is good. Even token forces are much appreciated, and I pray that God blesses each nation that lends us its troops. On board so far:
The USA: 280,000 troops, locked and loaded.
Britain: 30-45,000 troops, after a not-all-that nailbiting 412-149 parliament vote.
Australia: 2,000 troops, thanks to a remarkably courageous John Howard.
Poland: 200 troops, a small force, but much appreciated.
Denmark: A submarine, a corvette and a 70-person medical team.
Albania: a small number of troops--but again, much appreciated.
Iraq: "Tens of thousands of Iraqi Kurdish 'peshmerga' fighters in northern Iraq," who are reportedly now under US command.
Kuwait: If nothing else, at least the gunboat that fired the first shots of the war.

Czech Republic: 379 members of the elite chemical detection are already in Kuwait, with more on the way.
Slovakia: Sending 69
Bulgaria: 150 members of their own nuclear, biological and chemical defense team.
Romania: 278 troops, both nuclear, biological and chemical defense experts, and logistical help.
South Korea: Is sending 500 army engineers.
Spain: Sending a hospital vessel, a mine-clearing unit, a team of chemical detection experts, a frigate and an oil tanker vessel, with personnel totaling about 900 people.
Ukraine: Is sending a 531 member chemical/nuclear clean up crew.
Latvia: "Several dozen" troops, to engage in post-invasion work.

There are also many nations offering airspace and military bases. The Heritage Foundation has a good full list (though it doesn't have cool links like mine!)

UPDATES: 3/18 10:30 pm, added Kuwait to list of combatants; 3/19 3:19 pm, added the list of nations offering Support assistance, and moved Latvia into it.
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