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Sunday, March 09, 2003


Cuba and Saddam
This article by high ranking Cuban defector about his mission in 1990 from Castro to pursuade Saddam Hussein to back off of Kuwait. It failed, obviously.
Saddam listened impassively as Salas next described the disadvantageous balance of forces -- an Iraqi army of fewer than a million men, 7,000 tanks and many fewer artillery pieces. Saddam brought the presentation to an end when our colonel began to describe the enemy's manifest air superiority . The Iraqi launched into a crude harangue on the colonial injustices that had created the state of Kuwait, which he called the true cause of the present crisis. He condemned Arab ingratitude toward the only Arab nation that had fought Persian expansion in the Gulf. Iraq, he said, had been cheated out of its oil and now, isolated and alone, was forced to face a new Western crusade. He referred to the ingratitude of other fair-weather friends, to Iraq's refusal to bend to the pressures of its enemies, to the ineptitude of the U.N. and betrayal by the communist countries. He evoked the memory of Saladin, a native of his home region, and the formidable lesson that the Iraqi people, determined to prevail, would teach any aggressor.

"You can go tell Comrade Fidel Castro," he said, "that I appreciate his concern." Then, raising his voice, he said, "If the soldiers of the United States invade Iraq we will smash them like this" -- and he stamped on the carpet with his polished military boots.

Also interesting are the explicit references to the fact that, well before the Gulf War, Saddam was an ally of the Soviets. Not of the US. And that he was insane. Not a "rational actor."
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