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Monday, March 17, 2003


The Great Misunderstanding
In addition to the many, many right-wing American hawks, the Arabic News has joined the chorus demanding that the US leave the UN. But what the conservatives realize that the Arabic News does not is that losing the US would kill the UN. That's one of many things the writer completely fails to realize.
It is time to kick the USA out of the UN Security Council for starters, or out of the United Nations if need be. The world can do without such bullies and war mongers and international dictators. No more ultimatums to the UN. If you don't like the United Nations, then get out of it; Tomorrow is a good day to announce this. And if the USA does not announce this itself, then the countries of the world should seize the moment and understand what is going on and act. Make no mistake about it, this issue, at its core, has little to do with Iraq.

See, that's the problem, right there. The issue may have little to do with Iraq as far as every other country in the world is concerned. But to us, it has everything to do with it, and therein lies the disconnect. This isn't a game. This isn't a jockeying for position. This isn't an assertion of power. This certainly isn't about oil. This isn't even diplomacy. This is the United States of America protecting its people from those who would do it harm. This is about September 11, about the dust choking, bodies thumping, grown men weeping and towers falling. I don't care if there is a 'direct' connection or not. This is about a man who would do the same if given a chance, and this is about the USA taking him down. This is about a mother protecting her children. This is about a President protecting his people. This is about Iraq, and the man with his hands around her throat.

The rest of the world may not understand that, and they can go ahead and do what they like in response. But we will do what needs to be done.
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