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Thursday, March 20, 2003


Ground attack begins
The ground attack has begun, as you may have heard. And here's some good news:
A senior military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said military intelligence was picking up signs and "circumstantial evidence" that Saddam and his senior leadership were either incapacitated or out of communication with battlefield commanders.

"We are seeing no coordinated response to our first attack," the official said. "It's little things here and there. Some individual commanders are hunking down while others are launching small attacks and setting fires."

Military officials "believe it is significant that there is a lack of coordination and significant resistance to what we did," the official added.

I don't know if this is true or not--I wonder how much coordination there would be if Saddam really was in control anyway, and what all there has been to coordinate against. I don't know what exactly the Coalition forces are doing right now, but it seems to be "little things here and there" as well.
Meanwhile, there's a rumor out of Iran that Uday Hussein has had a brain hemorrhage.
Uday, the elder son of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, struck by brain hemorrhage following conflict with a member of Saddam's Fedayeen on Thursday.
Mosuah al-Nahrain in its website on Thursday quoted sources north of Iraq as saying that very tough and indecent orders, issued by Uday, who heads Saddam's Fedayeen, had provoked the conflict as the young man attacked Uday. Uday's bodyguards then beat the man to injury.

I hope that's disinformation, and that we got him. But I'll take whatever we can get. It's amusing, because this is the same guy who insisted that the mothers and wives of US soldiers would "cry not tears, but blood." Apparently Allah isn't as firmly on your side as you thought, you sadistic psycho.

And, a US helicopter has crashed, which they seem to do an awful lot. I'm becoming skeptical on the usefulness of helicopters, personally. Thankfully, everyone in the helicopter was rescued.

UPDATE: Suman Palit has some thoughts on this as well. He thinks Uday's not the son we need to go after. I don't think he minds, though...
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