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Thursday, March 20, 2003


The Kurds
A major wild card in all the planning and everything leading up to this point has been the behavior of the Kurds in northern Iraq. Will they run rampant, taking back their former cities, looting and pillaging and so on? Will they drag Turkey into the fight somehow? Wil eoordinate with the US or not? This IHT article gives a level-headed, but generally pessimistic picture of the situation. However, things are looking positive right now.

The Post reports that, since the Turks have not been especially helpful, this will give the US more of a free hand to let them help. Now, Sean Paul Kelly reports that two Kurdish groups have been asked to mobilize and join in. A BBC article paints a positive picture of the Kurdish situation--one quote that relieves me greatly is this:
One of the guerrillas, Latif Nadir, said they would not make any move without receiving orders:

"We are organised army, so we will wait for our leaders' commands to do what they want to do," he said.
From the way some naysayers have been talking, you'd think they were a completely unruly band of thugs no better than Saddam. From the way they've handled a free northern Iraq in recent years, I've doubted this, and hope this quote bears out in reality. Hopefully, Turkey will act responsibly as well, and the catasrophe predicted won't actually happen.

Meanwhile, the key of Kirkuk is surrounded by Iraqi troops, but the Kurds predict that the troops are preparing to retreat. The question is, who goes in when they leave?
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