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Tuesday, March 25, 2003


Longer than who expected?
This has been blogged about plenty, I know, but I am sick and tired of people talking about how this war is going to go "longer than expected." Longer than who expected, exactly? Most of the uses of it I have found online are referring to the stock market and the economy and whatnot, where, I suppose, it actually fits. Apparently, stockbrockers are actually slightly intelligent monkeys with no attention span and a severe lack of understanding about war, and are willing to buy or sell all sorts of things on the slightest rumor of absolutely anything. ("My daughter lost a tooth! Sell, sell sell!" "Wait, no! It was a Cheerio! Buy! Buy!!")

But too often, the media, and even Salam Pax seems to think that, not only did hyperactive stock analysts have unrealistic assumptions about how long the war would go, but so did the American people, the President, and even the military.

This is patently untrue. We did not, expect, perhaps, the fake surrenders and the wearing of civilian clothing. But the idea that we didn't expect opposition, that we expected this war to be over by now, is patently absurd. Many people are no doubt referring to what is known as the "best case scenario," which many people discussed before the war. And, lo and behold, the best case scenario has not occured--that is to say, Saddam and his sons were not gunned down the night of the 17th, and Iraqis did not rise up and kill every Baath party member before we got there, welcoming us with large bouquets and choreographed dancing. On the other hand, the worst case scenario did not occur either--that is to say, Israel did not turn Baghdad into glass in response to a missile attack. Instead, what we have is a nice combination of best-case and medium-case scenarios. Some resistence, yes. But also, a little bit of dancing. Fake surrenders--bad. Basra revolting--good. Saddam's dead--good. Them pretending he's not--bad. The list goes on and on. But the fact is that things are more or less going according to plan--a real plan, involving contingencies and backup plans and all that, not some pie in the sky idea that bloggers and analysts like to point out are possible before a war happens.

Bush's request for money assumes a month-long war. If someone told you in 1960 that in 40 years there would be a much-protested war that lasted one month, they'd have thought you were nuts. And yet, a one month war may still be overly pessimistic. Or not. It's hard to say. What isn't hard to say, though, is that we are going to win, and win fast. Not hyper-super-mega-fast, as some were apparently expecting, but fast And I think the American people--as opposed to the media--understand this. As they say, "do you want it done hyper-super-mega-fast, or do you want it done right?" And I think we all know the answer to that.
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