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Thursday, March 20, 2003


More Saddam speculation
Some major, hardcore, in depth speculation at the Washington Post (continuing to be the best online presence in the Iraq war, outside of various blogs, of course) on whether or not Saddam is alive or not. I'm pulling for 'no.' An excerpt:
"The preponderance of the evidence is he was there when the building blew up," said one senior U.S. official with access to sensitive intelligence. The official added that Hussein's sons, Qusay and Uday, may also have been at the compound. "He didn't get out" beforehand, another senior official said of the Iraqi president.

A third administration official said "there is evidence that he [Hussein] was at least injured" because of indications that medical attention was urgently summoned on his behalf. The condition of Hussein's sons, and any others who may have been at the compound, was also unknown, officials said.

While U.S. intelligence monitored Iraqi government communications and movements yesterday to pick up signs of Hussein's fate, the administration's attention was focused on the television appearance by Hussein in which he stated yesterday's date and made reference to "dawn" and an attack by the United States.

Officials said they were not surprised by the broadcast because they had information that the Iraqi leader had recorded several statements earlier in the week in anticipation of a military strike shortly after the expiration of a U.S. deadline for Hussein and his sons to leave the country.

Meanwhile, CNN continues giving reasons to go read the Washington Post. They're still yammering about the pretty well defunct body-double theory.
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