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Tuesday, March 18, 2003


Solidarity, not military
Ok, apparently some people don't understand something rather important about the Coalition of the Willing. For example:
Rep. Lloyd Doggett, a Texas Democrat, ridiculed the list. "While the president's directive to Saddam to 'Get out of Dodge by sundown' is tough, the posse announced today is mighty weak," he said in a statement. "It includes such military powerhouses as Eritrea and Estonia and pariahs like Uzbekistan with a human rights record as difficult to defend as Saddam Hussein's ... This list is an embarrassing indication of the administration's foreign policy failure," the congressman added.

Ok, nitwit, you just insulted 30 nations--and all the people who have suffered under Saddam, by comparing their misery to that in Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is no picnic, but neither is China, who you would presumably love the support of. And besides--the point of the Coalition is not military might. We have all the military might we need all by our self, thank you very much. The point is that much of the world supports us--especially those parts of the world recently freed by tyrants. We don't need anybody. Our posse of one is very capable of handling Saddam all by itself--but wouldn't you admit that it's nice to have some friends on your side, especially when the press keeps crowing about "world opinion this" and "unilateral that?"

Repeat after me: the purpose of the Coalition is solidarity, not military. There, it even rhymes. It should be easy for you to remember, Doggett.
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