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Wednesday, March 19, 2003


Speaking of the Post...
These people are patently absurd.
Environmental groups and experts say a new war in Iraq could do even more harm to the region's environment and precious water resources and kill off dozens of endangered species of birds and animals--especially given the sophistication and fierce power of a new generation of U.S. weaponry.

"The first Gulf war was the biggest environmental disaster in recent history," said Gar Smith, former editor of Earth Island Journal and a spokesman for Environmentalists Against War. "Unfortunately, with advances in military technology, a new Gulf war has the potential to be even worse."

Another nitwit--what do you think the technology is? Bigger bombs? Hardly--the vast majority of new technology is more accurate bombs. Bombs that do less damage to things like the environment, and more damage to, say, Saddam Hussein. Bombs that get the war over with before Saddam has a chance to light oil wells ablaze, that being the main environmental problem stemming from Gulf War I. And while we're on the subject of Saddam Hussein, how about the fact that he's done more damage to the environment of Iraq than any war--even considering that, you know, the wars have all been his fault as well. If you want the environment there cleaned up, Saddam is what's standing in your way.

Experts? Try "activists." An "environmentalist" is not a scientist, but a lobbyist. An environmental biologist is a different story all together, but I'm sick and tired of lobbyists being passed of as scientific experts.
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