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Thursday, March 06, 2003


That which I saw, and that which I missed
Apparently the White House didn't call the college when scheduling its press conference (transcript by the indispensible Donald Sensing) this evening, because it came smack in the middle of the forum on Iraq here.

The forum went generally well. English Prof Dan Ritchie (second from the bottom), who I've always had respect for, but have never really interacted with, was very powerful in his case for liberation, and I think that's what most people left the room thinking--those who were on the fence, or in his court to begin with, anyway. Those who were already opposed to the war no doubt remain so, and think that the other side did a far better job. That is, if they aren't infuriated with the people from their "team" who asked "questions" calling the US totalitarian, and accusing Bush of a "Messiah complex." That does nicely at hurting their case.

I didn't get to ask my question, which was "how are 'tougher' inspections (the only alternative offered) going to work when even Hans Blix has said that the issue is Iraq's cooperation, not how 'tough' the inspections are?" To that end, I particularly enjoyed this comment from the press conference I didn't get to see:
Tell 'em, G. W. Meanwhile, Instapundit is right about this being a key quote:
when it comes to our security, we really don't need anybody's permission

The Brothers Judd have linked a piece discussing that which apparently bothers Bush's critics more than anything: his certainty. Well, here's some more of that certainty for ya':
We love freedom and we're not changing. And, therefore, so long as there's a terrorist network like al Qaeda and others willing to funds them, finance them, equip them, we're at war. And so I -- obviously, I have thought long and hard about the use of troops. I think about it all the time. It is my responsibility to commit the troops. I believe we'll prevail. I know we'll prevail. And out of that disarmament of Saddam will come a better world, particularly for the people who live in Iraq.

It's good stuff.
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