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Wednesday, March 12, 2003


To Africa with love
In the wake of African scientists welcoming the idea of genetically modified food (via Instapundit), four agriculture firms (including the eeeeevil Monsanto) are preparing to share all sorts of free goodies with Africa in exchange for... well, they're free, so, nothing. Well, nothing except a big foothold in the market and, especially as far as the American companies are concerned, a big slap in the face to European, anti-GM types, with the additional good publicity for feeding hungry people in Africa, and putting them in a position where they will be able to feed themselves as well, and provide enough food so as to lay the groundwork for a stable civil society. Sounds like an all around win-win to me (unless, of course, you are of the mind that feeding hungry people and groundworks for stable civil societies are secondary to keeping some sort of mythical genetic "purity" in the food we eat). And it does to a guy named Gobder too:
As a matter of fact we have to be cautious, because these are private entities, driven by profits," [Godber W.] Tumushabe [who runs a think tank for development and the environment in Uganda] said from Kampala. "If they are able to achieve their objective in the long term, of building strong markets, but in the short term we are able to improve the life of our people, our interests have met."

Gobder is a cool name.
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