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Thursday, March 20, 2003


The Turks
It looks like the Turks are going to be more of a problem than the Kurds. The remarkably prolific Agonist has reported that both MSNBC and CNN have reported (eesh) that Turkey is sending troops across the border--I can't find anything online, but it wouldn't surprise me. Something I didn't realize until just now is that the Turkish agreement to let us use their airspace came along with a Turkish decision to go into northern Iraq. This is bad.

Slate's Chatterbox is on Day 19 of his "Kurd Sellout Watch," a title which even he should admit is absurd, since it's become clear that the US has no intention of doing so. Whether they did before or not is an entirely unanswerable question at this point. But he does provide some good pro-Kurd arguments, which I'm all for, and the whole thing is probably worth reading if this interests you (and it should). He also floats the theory that Turkish units will be under US command which, he suggests, would get ugly if a US/Tuskish unit met up with a US/Kurdish unit--apparently because the two groups are so disorderly and bloodthirsty that they won't be able to avoid slaughtering each other. Somehow, I doubt that.
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